Peaches for Monsieur le cure

Peaches for Monsieur le cure
What is it about some authors that spin you into their fantasy as soon as you open the book and turn the page?

Joanne Harris does it every time, the author of chocolat has done it to me again, i can remember when i first read chocolat I immediatly turned my hands to making my own chocolate although not to the standard of Vianne Rocher I may add.

Vianne is the heroine of the books who is swept into a little french village and opens a Chocolate shop and turns the life upside down of all its inhabitants.

Joanne has the knack of tantalising your taste buds with her food I m not the worlds greatest Chocolate lover but after reading these books i always crave chocolate, strange? How does she do this?

The latest instalment in the Chocolat series does it again too, no sooner as I start the book I smell the pungent aroma of Peaches and the urge to make Peach Jam like vianne Rocher is unresistable, it turned out very nice actually.

Once again Viannes chocolate making skills are soon tempting me.
Peaches for Monsieur le Cure is the third instalment in these books, the previous was lollipop shoes. Vianne is called back to the village after receiving a letter from her dead friend, once again Vianne is called back realising she has unfinished buisness in this little french village.

I finished this book today and like all Joanne Harris books you feel immediatly sad that the story has ended, however I am now left with several pots of Peach jam and i am just heading into the kitchen to make a cup of Hot Chocolate so its not all bad news is it.



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