can a Vegan eat well when Travelling

I must admit that was something that first worried me when I first became Vegan, I have always been Vegetarian in the past and had no trouble what so ever but would being Vegan make it more difficult?

My top tip is do your research to where you are travelling, google Vegan/Vegetarian restraunts, google wholefood stores. It’s always good to know where you can eat when you arrive somewhere late, the last thing you want is to be in a strange city wandering round looking for food when you are hungry.

Phone ahead if you are staying in a hotel and find out if they can accommodate a vegan, my rule of thumb nowadays is if they can’t be bothered to even get me soya milk for breakfast, well I can’t be bothered to stay at their hotel and part with my money.

Personally I usually book an appartment when I travel, I usually find it more easier and relaxed when I’m on holiday I like the fact I can sit and eat my breakfast with wet hair and my pyjamas on.I can stock up on cereal,fresh fruit, toast etc which sets me up for the day. Most of the time I tend to eat out so being in an appartment means I’m also not timed to meal times that a hotel would impose on you. Also being in an appartment is ideal if you want to make sandwiches if you are going out for the day.

I travel to France a lot and people used to say its really hard for Vegetarians to eat in France let alone a Vegan, but I have actually found the opposite to be true, I find it extremely easy to eat in France, of course you have to do your research before you go, but the abundance of fresh produce available is wonderful.

I am heading to Menton in France in a few weeks and they have A Loving Hut restraunt there which is wonderful for me, Loving Hut is a vegan chain of restraunts which is opening up all over the world and the food is great.

There is also a wonderful wholefood store in Menton where I can stock up on non dairy milk, biscuits,tofu products and deserts, everything a vegan could wish for.

Most cities nowadays have Indian,Italian, morrocan restraunts where you can always get something vegan on the menu if you are with people who don’t want to eat in A vegetarian restraunt so you won’t miss out.

Another tip I always follow when travelling is be prepared, you never know when you may get a flight delay, miss your connection so always carry with you a sandwich, fresh fruit,cereal bars, nuts and raisins so at least you’ll have something to nibble on, I have found airports to be very vegan unfriendly at times.

I remember being at Munich airport and went in a sandwich bar where a girl was making up sandwiches and asked her for a plain salad on brown bread with no butter, to which she replied “Sorry we only do salad with ham,cheese or tuna, I can’t sell you one on its own” I explained I was vegan but her stance was still the same they don’t do plain salad sandwiches, by then I’d lost the will to live never mind eat! However the pizza place next door made you any combination pizza you could ask for and was told a cheeseless pizza was no problem.

The moral of the story is we stayed there for the whole of our three hour delay spending lots of money on drinks and pizza, see sandwich bar owner that is how you make money.

So yes you can travel and eat well as a vegan but do your research before you go.


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