My France trip

Been trying to get a blog post done for weeks but life at the moment is hectic for me my mum who is 80 has been very poorly and obviously I need to be there for her, inbetween life,work, family etc I have been feeling frazzled.

I come to Menton a small seaside town outside Monte Carlo every April for the Monte Carlo Masters tennis tournament, as a big fan of Rafa Nadal this is my guilty pleasure trip, this is a girls only holiday our partners are not tennis fans so this is not a holiday for them.

For me its a great time to catch some sun,some tennis and some great Vegan food and despite what people say you can eat really well as a vegan in France. One of the reasons I like staying in Menton is there is a great restaurant called Loving Hut it is a chain of great Vegan restaurants I also recently visited Prague and sampled the Loving Huts there and wasnt disapointed.

Here is another reason to love Menton the flowers are out in full bloom.

My favourite Beach umbrella in Menton to sit and watch the world go by.



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