The arrival of autumn

I know we are still in the latter days of Summer but you can feel the autumn arriving, the nights are drawing in and there is the scent of autumn in the air.

For me as a seasonal cook nothing screams autumn to me as the arrival of my apples, I have another bumper crop and already my mind is working overtime to what I am going to bake. I think the next few weeks will be an abundance of apple tarts,apple spice cake, German apple cakes,crumbles apple spice muffins the list is endless.

Autumn is my favourite time of year I love the harvesting and foraging of foods before the winter sets in my Blackberries will soon be ready for picking my mum has several plum trees so we’ll be doing jams and Blackberry vodka, going to try plum vodka this hear as well. I love to give these as edible Christmas presents.

I try and spend as many days in the garden now as I can soon the winter will set in and my life moves more indoors and into the kitchen.






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