I had been hearing rave reviews about this little chocolate shop opened in the centre of Manchester near where I live.

Although I may not be the worlds biggest lover of Chocolate I adore chocolate shops, there is something magical about the cacao bean, I think it’s the Aztecs and incas association with chocolate that appeals to me, but I am always immediately drawn to a beautiful chocolate display.

I adored the film Chocolat when it was released, Johnny Depp wasn’t bad either 🙂 I wanted a chocolate shop like Vianne Rocher had.

So finally I visited this little treasure Bonbon and they boast of doing the best Hot Chocolate in Manchester, turned out not to be an idle boast either I ordered an Orange hot chocolate my friend had the Chili one well they were both wonderful and the best thing is they are vegan hot chocolate how wonderful is that? The owner makes them with dark chocolate,hot water and whatever else you order, I was in heaven. The store also sells Vegan chocolates and cakes what more can a girl want when she’s out shopping?





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