Nut-free super kale pesto, 15p

Found this great blog for those of us on a budget, it also has a great search bar where you type an ingredient and you find recipes for the ingredient. A great way of using up stuff, oh and there’s loads of vegan recipes.

Cooking on a Bootstrap

Last week, I was trying new things for upcoming recipes for my Guardian column, when I came across a bag of kale on special offer at Waitrose – 75p for a massive 200g bag.
Anyway, I used a scant handful of it for a recipe, and this evening decided to make the rest into kale pesto…
Ingredients (makes 14 portions – freezing the rest in ice cube trays!)
200g kale
150ml sunflower oil
150ml water
30ml lemon juice
80g grated strong hard cheese
1 chilli
Basically…. De-head the chilli and slice it. Stuff as much kale as you can fit into your blender (you can add more later). Throw in the chilli, grated cheese, oil, lemon and water and blend vigorously until the kale has vanished into a vivid green pulp. Turn the blender off, add any remaining kale, and blend again.
Store in a clean sealed jar with extra…

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