Chocolate Cherry Cakes

How gorgeous do these look?


World Cup winners 2014! Unless you managed to hide away under a very thick duvet, could you have possibly missed this?

Germany’s football team is proudly returning home today to show off the trophy to the hundreds of thousands who line the streets of Berlin, celebrating, singing and dancing. I’ve been thinking about a fitting tribute to the team and here’s my ultimate celebration food: World CupCakes
While I’m writing this I’m keeping an eye on the live stream from the Brandenburg Gate, where the atmosphere is simply ELECTRIC! To see the whole world come to Brazil to ‘play together’ seems particularly poignant at a time when thousands are continuing to flee their homes because of war and unrest. I hope some of that spirit and sportsmanship will leave a longer lasting legacy than any trophy ever could.

Cherry Golden Cakes

During the tournament, Alex (my 5 year old) has taken an real shine to Bayern München player Thomas Müller: ‘He’s so cool!’ and…

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