Blackpool Vegan Festival

My friend recently finished work and moved to Blackpool so I decided to give her a visit and attend The Blackpool Vegan festival.

For those of you not familiar with Blackpool it is a small seaside town in the North of England.

I am now in my fourth year as a Vegan and my only regret is I never did it years ago but better late than never I suppose, so when I got the chance to attend my first Vegan festival I jumped at the chance.

My first impression was just how busy it was I arrived there about an hour after opening and it was heaving which was wonderful to see. There definetly seems to be an interest in Veganism at the moment.

There was a good mix of stalls which included vegan beauty products,books,soaps,candles,clothes, jams and chutneys,pies,chocolate and my favourite cakes.

Sorry for the blurry picture think I just got excited at the sight of so many cakes.


As a vegan you sort of get used to going in shops ,cafés and not often having a vegan option so when you go somewhere and you can eat anything you want you sort of go mad. I very rarely eat cake and chocolate unless I make my own so seeing a large chunk of choc n orange cake I thought it would be rude not to try it 🙂 and yes it was heaven.

I bought some lovely soap and some Hemp face cream which has a lovely Papaya smell and knowing it was vegan made it even better.

There was a large eating area and once again it was great to see how busy it was, by the time we got there it was standing room only, I always think the proof of how wonderful vegan food can be is in the food itself. We grabbed just some quick food I had a mushrooms,celery and sundries tomato burger with tomato relish, absolutely gorgeous I am definetly googling that recipe later, my friend had a sweet potato,spinach chilli burger she also said it was delicious.

From the same stall a purchased cheese and onion pies, something I used to love but never got round to making OMG they tasted exactly as I remembered them, I am definetly going to try and recreate them myself.

After a wonderful few hours and a couple of soy lattes we left the venue, full to breaking point and armed with vegan chocolate,cakes,pies and chutney I’ll not be going hungry this week.

Outside there was a man with some owls and Falcons and managed to get a few pics, they were stunning birds.

I hope this will be an Annual event I would definetly go to another Vegan festival.




After a stroll down the pier to try and walk the calories off it was time to leave Blackpool and my friend who I miss very much now she’s moved, but hopefully I’ll be back to Blackpool sooner rather than later.






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