Back with renewed Enthusiasm 

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have fell into a rut with my cooking, once a week the same pasta dish,once a week the same Curry dish, once a week the same Chili dish get the picture?

It was only recently when I discovered after all the Christmas festivities and Winter stodge I was approaching Spring 10lb heavier than I normally was add to the fact I was already carrying around an extra half a stone I was always going to lose I was all of a sudden 18lb overweight, although mortified I decided it was time to do something about it so armed with my new Fit Bit tracker and My Fitness Pal a great online community which all support each other off I went..

Now watching calories I realise my meals have to be quality over quantity I’m shocked to discover my normal pasta portion was in fact enough to feed three people and I wondered why I was putting weight on.

Add the cakes I loved baking and the muffins and here I am.

However over the last month I have lost half a stone with relative ease and discovered my love of Vegan cooking so back on my menus are lovely filling soups,Fresh salads and Tofu has come back in my life in a big way.

Armed with my hoarders of cookbooks I’m discovering wonderful vegan food again ( not that I ever went off my vegan path) it was I had started eating more vegan junk food that plant based food.

So now I have found my mojo again I will share my recipes and let you know what they taste like.

Today I have pulled out my slow cooker and I am making spicy lentil and vegetable soup just have to see how it turns out.


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