Beautiful view,Beautiful restaurant 

one of the main reasons I love to stay in Menton France is they have a Loving Hut Restaurant, these are a chain of vegan restaurant and they make eating out a pleasure, the thrill of being able to order anything from a menu gets to me every time.

Everything is 100% Vegan and the food is fabulous.The view is amazing as well you can dine out opposite the sea.



One of my favourite dishes is pasta Genovase made with a delicious pesto.


I’ve recently lost 18lb in weight and am only 5lb off my target so I am trying to make my favourite dishes low calorie. I adore pesto but as it uses quite a lot of Olive Oil I have been playing around with making oil free dressings.

Tonight I thought I’d have a go and see how it would turn out.

I blended 1 cup of Basil,1/2 cup of Water, 1/2 cup of Walnuts,2 Tbs Nutritional yeast,1 clove of garlic and sea salt to season.

The result was a creamy delicious pesto which comes in around 100 calories and there’s enough to feed 4 people. As I was the only one eating it I froze the remainder.

I added one cup of Green beans to some Penne and voila one low calorie version of Pasta Genovase and not too unlike the Loving huts version above.



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