Chocolate Black bean smoothie

Over the last few months I have been trying to lose some weight, the toll of home baking cakes and deserts finally took its toll. When I started to change my eating habits I Gave up a lot of things one of the was nuts and avocados now I know they are good fats but on a weight loss programme they were quite high in calories.

I started researching plant based protein more as I didn’t want my protein levels to be under which I had notice had dropped a lot, so my new best friend became Black beans, these are high protein and delicious where had they been hiding all my life?

Over the past few weeks Imhave used them in everything Imhave made Black bean houmous,Quinoa and Black bean soup,Black bean salsa,mice tossed them in my salads I’ve made black bean chilli and Black bean enchiladas the list is endless, but this recipe has been my favourite it’s quick,delicious and full of protein and comes in at 30 g of protein and 490 calories, I have it as a lunch at weekend and it really fills you up as well as being thick and chocolatey.

I had no medjool dates somImused ordinary ones but soaked them in hot water for 20 minutes before I made this recipe. I’m not a fan of peanut butter but I throw in a tablespoon for extra protein also,it’s a good way of using it up without actually tasting it and I add Hemp seeds for more protein.

Honestly don’t be put off by the black beans you really can’t taste them.

On the good note I’ve lost all my extra weight and I’m keeping it off. 

 Serves 1

1 cup Soya milk or any non dairy milk I use soya as its higher in protein.

4 dates

1/2 cup Black beans drained and rinsed if using tinned, or soaked overnight and cooked if using dry beans.

1Tbs Peanut butter

2 Tbs Hemp Seeds

3 Tbs Cocoa powder

Little maple syrup,or agave nectar depending on how sweet your tooth is.

Just whizz in blender and enjoy.



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