Veggie Noodles

Im a bit late to the party but I keep seeing all these lovely recipes for veggie noodles accompanied by some delicious sauces.It ticks all the boxes for me Healthy,easy to prepare when I get home from work, oh and tasty.

Well I ordered my Veggie Slicer from Amazon and it arrived in two days so here is my first attempt.


I had some Courgettes so I decided that’s what I was doing, well this little gadget was cheap and I can honestly say very easy to use, using just one courgette in a minute I had a nice full bowl of courgette or Zucchini for those of you over the pond.


After a peek in my fridge I found some oil free Pesto,some cherry tomatoes and marinated Tofu.


Always looking for ways to add some Vitamin B12 a couple of tablespoons of nutritional yeast and voila lunch.


I have to admit I’m very impressed with my new kitchen gadget I can see me having lots of fun with this.


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