Cook book reviews

I don’t know about you but I am slightly addicted to buying cook books, well rephrase that to books in general. I do have a kindle which I love but reserve that for novels, but for cook books,photography books I prefer the paper feel.

I recently went to a middle eastern restraunt and was blown away by the vegan options available in middle eastern quisine, apart from the Middle East favourites of Houmous,falafel etc there is a lot of other choices.

Of course this lent me to start searching Amazon for cookery books I had seen this title before and thought it was perfect Olives,Lemons & Za’atar by Rawia Bishara.

Now I don’t normally buy cook books with meat or fish dishes in as I think they’re wasted on me as I’m vegan but at the bargain price of £4.99 I made the exception wow so glad I did.

The book is a large hardback cover with 224 pages of delicious recipes and a lot of them Vegan or if not can be easily tweaked.

As I write I have just popped a Baked Aubergine in the oven,it’s  not as bland as it sounds it is layered up like a lasagne only using aubergine,courgettes,potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce, I have tweaked it here and there as I find a lot of the dishes way to large for my small family of me and my partner. Most of the recipes serve 6-8.

I will post up the results once tasted, I must remember to start taking photographs as I assemble meals.

There are several more recipes which I’m dying to try such as aubergine pate,arabic bread, Za’atar bread,Red pepper and onion flatbreads,Baba Ghanouj,Mutabal, Red pepper and walnut spread, and so on, my mouth is drooling at some of these recipes.

Like most good books it’s split into sections of soup dishes,sides,vegetable dishes,dips and spreads, meat and fish selections and of course deserts along with a great bread section.

Definetly worth buying this book will no doubt be used a lot and for me that’s the sign of a great cook .

I love discovering new herbs and spices and have just bought Za’atar and Sumac two spices which is used a lot in middle eastern cooking, looking forward to trying them out.



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