My first trip to a Vegan supermarket

I know a trip to the supermarket shouldn’t get you so excited but when it’s a vegan one, well that’s another different story.

This is only my fifth year as a Vegan but already I am seeing how veganism us growing in the Uk, according to statistics there has been a 350% rise of vegans in the UK over the last decade that is mind blowing.

I’m now seeing Vegan options in restaurants , plant based milks in coffee shops and even vegan cakes, there is vegan magazines on newsagents stands and all the major supermarkets have a free from aisle so we’re making a dent in the market place, but a whole vegan supermarket now that’s a totally new level for me.

I went to a Vegan fair in Chorlton Manchester on Saturday and remembered there was a vegan supermarket here so I had to visit.

Well what can I say at the joy of walking into somewhere knowing I could eat anything I wanted was a revelation, the fridges were full of vegan products

The shelves were full of wonderful items from beans,legumes,rice and spices to cakes,biscuits and cleaning products.

Not to mention the abundance of fresh organic produce.

Did I mention Vegan cake?

The future of veganism is certainly looking brighter, even my meat eating brother was blown away by the deliciousness of the food.

The supermarket is called Unicorn and is in Chorlton which is in a suburb of Manchester  England if you’re ever passing through its worth a visit, I want a day when these supermarkets are in every town and City.


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