My Vegan Journey

Why did I become a Vegan? A question I’m often asked, for me it was the natural journey from being Vegetarian. Although I’m ashamed to say it took me 36 years from becoming a Vegetarian to finally finding my Vegan path.

I became a Vegetarian at the age of 12 we were shown a film at school about food and the journey it takes to get on your plate, I was horrified as a 12 year old child I hadn’t made the connection that the beautiful lambs in the field were really chops, I remember heading home to tell my mum bacon was from a pig and did she know, sadly she did but didn’t seem as horrified as I was.

From that day I made the decision I wouldn’t ever eat any of these beautiful creatures ever again and I didn’t. I was luckily was brought up in a house where you were allowed to express yourself and was never put under any pressure to eat meat, in fact my mum went out of her way to make sure I was eating the right things, I remember her going to the library and fetching home several books on the subject.

My mum is a fabulous cook so everyday when I came home from school she would have made me something different from the rest of the family, now I’m going back to the 70s here where there was no quorn or Linda Mcartney ready meals and vegetarian food wasn’t so easily available like it is now.

My dad had an allotment so fresh veggies were always in abundance in our house, along with fruit.
My mum would make me lovely vegetable casseroles,soups,stuffed peppers and curries and in no time she had quite the array of vegetarian meals.

I happily stayed on my path throughout my teens and into my adult life never giving any thought to the dairy industry and egg industry until one day looking for some Vegetarian podcasts I caught one of Colleen Patrick-Goodreaus Vegetarian food for thought podcast, I listened to it and turned vegan that very instance I remember it being the episode about dairy, I was shocked and ashamed that at the age of 48 I had never made the connection.

I spent the next few weeks listening to back episodes and doing a lot of reading, that was it I became Vegan, it is a decision I wish I had made earlier I have never felt better, I have way more energy and I feel more at peace in my life knowing I am. It using animals or their secretions.

I do get extremely upset when I think of all the animals I can’t save but I can try and hopefully help people who would like to try going vegan it really isn’t that hard, I armed myself with several cook books and learned how to bake omitting eggs and dairy from my diet, it only takes a bit of switching ingredients.

I do get annoyed when people tell me my diet isn’t good for me, usually those who are shoving McDonald’s in their face feel the need to lecture me about how harmful my diet is, well I think my diet is a lot more healthier than theirs my diet is made up of salads,soups,fresh vegetables,pasta,legumes,fruit,nuts,seeds, of course I bake sweet treats, but-they are occasional and not an every day occurrence.

I wish I had made the connection earlier, but I didn’t it’s never too late to try, even my mum who is 80 eats basically a vegetarian diet, so if you have ever thought about it why not try it, may be start trying one vegan day a week then two you will soon find you arnt missing out on great food.


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